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I'm beyond blessed to have found Darby for my legal issues. He's compassionate, friendly, and fought to get me what I deserved. Every one of his office staff cares about their clients, and I have never felt so welcome each time I went to the office. This firm made what was a terrifying experience, much easier to handle, and I'm forever grateful to them for all their hard work and dedication to ME!
Kellie Selvage
Darby represented me on a personal injury case. They were able to get me maximum limits on my case, kept me informed every step of the process, made sure I would know exactly what to expect. I have referred several people to him for his legal advice because he is a very honest and straight forward lawyer.
Tina Hill
Darby Hoggatt was always straight forward and honest with me and my case. He always left the decions up to me but he always let me know what my options exactly were. I am so grateful and blessed to have found a lawyer who was always looking out for me and always fighting for me with my case. Gloria (Darby's paralegal) was always so kind and sweet as well. She would always lend an ear for anytime I needed to talk about my case. I would suggest Hoggatt Law office to any of my friends if they ever needed a workers compensation lawyer. Great environment and fabulous people!
Kristine F.
Hoggatt Law Office was compassionate for my needs and tenacious against the insurance company representatives. Darby Hoggatt and his staff were caring, attentive and extremely diligent in every step of my claim. They always took the time to explain all aspects of my case in detail to me and produced an outstanding results. Without the help of Darby and his staff I never would have received the medical care I needed or compensation for my injury. I would not hesitate to use their professional services again, or refer my family and friends to Hoggatt Law.
Heather Lindley
My experience with Hoggatt Law was great! Darby and his staff were very knowledgable and helpful throughout the whole process of my case. They took away the burden of my personal injury case and made the process very easy. Great communication as well!
Jonathan Foos
My husband Chuck Matulich suffered a severe workers comp injury in November 2008 which resulted in him being paralyzed from the chest down, along with a head injury which resulted in him being unable to work. Because of the superior work of Hoggatt law we were able to obtain a workers comp settlement which will comfortably take care of Chuck's needs throughout his life. We would highly recommend Hoggatt law for anyone who is looking for excellent legal representation.
Mia Matulich
To Whom It May Concern:
Working with Mr. Hoggatt and his staff was the most rewarding experience for me. They possess a very professional and caring attitude. Mr. Hoggatt is an excellent attorney, who kept me informed on all the details of my case as they were happening. His office made my ordeal much easier. I have already been referring this law firm to family and friends. I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hoggatt for his dedication, hard work and sacrifices he made on my behalf, as well as his genuine interest and compassion for what I was going through.
Dear Mr. Hoggatt:
I would like to thank you for your professionalism in the handling of my workers' compensation case. It continues to be a pleasure to work with you and your staff as we are finishing up the final details of my case and beginning my social security claim. I would NOT recommend any other council.

When I decided to obtain legal representation, it was my intention to interview several lawyers before making my final decision. I, however, interviewed only you and I immediately knew that you were the only one to represent my interests. You had an immediate grasp of my case which was, quite frankly, upfront, honest and refreshing. I have had dealings with attorneys in the past and I have come to learn that you are the exception and NOT the rule.

I thank you for all of your hard work in settling my case. When we began negotiations with the insurance company to settle it originally looked like we were going to get approximately $ 20,000.00, however, through your expertise in negotiating, we were able to receive in excess of $ 120,000.00. This is truly the actions of a dedicated professional and my family and I are very grateful for everything you and your staff have done for us. THANK YOU!

It would be my honor to serve as a reference for you to any prospective client. Please feel free to give my contact information as needed. I wish you the greatest success in the future—you deserve it!

Warmest Regards,
To Whom It May Concern:
I first became acquainted with Mr. Hoggatt in 2000, when I consulted him on a legal matter on my behalf. Since then, I've left with him on numerous for several other legal matters. He has and continues to have his client's best interest at heart. I have referred and will continue to refer clients to him, including friends and other family members – all of whom he has done what has been in the best interest of his clients. All have been satisfied with his work.

Mr. Hoggatt is honest in regards to his client's interests and has the highest regard for the law.

I'm proud to call him my attorney and friend.

Dear Darby:
I'm writing this to thank you for everything you've done for me and my son. I know it's been a long haul for all of us but you have been so kind and helpful throughout this whole unfortunate incident with my hand.

I will and would tell anyone that needs a "proper" lawyer to call you. I want you to know though that you're just not a lawyer to me, but also my friend. I knew from the beginning that I made the best choice by having you represent me.

Thank you so much Darby and thanks for putting up with me (just kidding).

Rea and Sheldon
With this letter, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of the heard work that you and your staff did on such an extremely complicated case as mine was, and at the same, was awarded with the best benefits. My family and I are very thankful because there was never a moment that you abandoned us and you were always in contact with us making sure that we were doing fine. I would recommend your firm to anybody that is needing an attorney. I wish you and your staff the very best. (English version of Spanish letter, see below)

Estimado Lic Darby Hoggatt,
Con la presente quiero darle mi agra – decimiento por todo el dificil trabajo que hizo usted y sus colaboradores en un case tan dificil como el mio, y quie haya Ganado los mejores beneficios. Mi familia y yo estamos muy agradecidos porque nunca nos abandonaron siempre estuvieron en contacto con nosotros para que estuvieramos bien, yo recomendaria a gente que ocupe ayuda de un abogado fuera con usted, deseo lo mjor para usted y su equipo de trabajo.
Raul Hernandez
I was very pleased in the way that Hoggatt Law handled my insurance claim. The outcome was better than I could have imagined, they handled everything promptly and efficiently.
2004 until 2009, that’s how long I have known the Law Firm of Darby Hoggatt. Normally you don’t ever need a Workman’s Comp Lawyer, but if you ever do find that you need one well Darby is your guy.

Most lawyers in workman’s comp cases usually already have a set Fee upon recovery. It’s a percentage of the cash you might end up with that probably determines whether a lawyer will take your case or not. With Hoggatt Law Firm I felt this to be totally different. Money was not the object of my first talk with Darby. It was all about getting me fixed. Healthy again so I could return to work and provide again for my family and wife. Darby explained all the procedures I would go thru trying to get healthy again, but that it would take time. I liked his first concern was that I get medically fixed right away. Needless to say after (going on five years now) how very very difficult it is to deal with the insurance companies and their lawyers. Although we settled my case in Court, Darby still fights for my medical needs up to this very date. They (insurance company) still deny most of my request for medical attention but Darby Hoggatt Law Firm is still there with me. Each and ever denied claim for medical attention is issued Darby gets it done for me.

The Law Firm of Hoggatt is also truly blessed with legal beagle help from Gloria. She is also the glue that keeps a lot of things rolling in your favor, as you continue your process with Workman’s comp. No matter how busy she gets she always gets to you.

So if your looking for a good Lawyer, Hoggatt Law Firm is for you. The human compassion is a lot of times overlooked, but this Law firm holds steady to the needs of people like me who need legal help but medical help after everything is said and done. They are still fighting for me and am sure glad of that. Also remember Money is sometimes not the most important thing in a workman’s comp case. Don’t get hung up looking for cash when what you really need is a Lawyer who will help you in your medical needs. Darby’s your Guy.
Dear Mr. Hoggatt,

Thank you for your conscientious attention and effort regarding my spinal injury and the work compensation case that followed. I appreciate your personal concern as well as your professionalism in dealing with my situation. Not only you, but also your staff were always warm and congenial when I come to your office. They were always so considerate about my family and how I was feeling. In the future, I would more than happy to give you my personal recommendation and send referrals you way.

I was very impressed with Hoggatt Law in terms of the staff, their knowledge, and how they expedited my claim.
Nothing in life can prepare you when you lose your livelihood due to injury or due to a loved one's death in the workplace. After the greatest tragedy in my life, I found myself sitting in Darby's office personally and professionally in ruins. Darby told me that we would fight the good fight, win, and get through the process together because "right was on our side." The legal process is cold and often vicious, but Darby is a man of uncompromising character and deep compassion. His phenomenal skills as a lawyer combined with his superior integrity proved victorious. He obtained a settlement for me beyond our expectations, but more importantly to me, he always considered me first and he offered me his strength to carry on the fight when mine was spent. The talent, ethics and compassion of Darby and his wonderful staff are unsurpassed.