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Larimer County Runaway Truck Accident Lawyers

Larimer County Runaway Truck Accident Lawyers

Attorneys for Truck Crashes in Boulder County Caused by Brake Failure

Colorado is well known for its natural beauty, much of which can be attributed to the Rocky Mountains. With mountainous terrain, however, comes long downgrades on roadways that wind through the region. When you are driving a car, pickup truck, or SUV, you are likely to be concerned about how your brakes will hold up under the strain of safely traveling downhill for an extended period of time. If you look in your rearview mirror and see a large commercial truck following you down the incline, you may be inclined to worry even more.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Hoggatt Law Office, P.C. know how dangerous a runaway truck can be. When a large truck’s brakes fail on a steep downgrade, every vehicle in the truck’s path is at risk. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a runaway truck accident, our team is equipped to help you seek the justice you deserve.

What is a Runaway Truck?

A runaway truck refers to a large truck that has become unable to stop for some reason. Going downhill safely requires truck drivers to put immense strain on their trucks’ braking systems. Truck brakes convert the energy of motion into heat energy, which under normal conditions is dissipated quickly. When a truck is traveling on an extended steep downgrade, the constant braking can create temperatures in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit around the wheels. At such temperatures, the braking system can start to fail, and a complete loss of stopping power is possible.

There are many factors that could contribute to a runaway truck accident, including:

  • Aggressive driving: A truck driver could fail to recognize the amount of braking required to safely descend a long downgrade. The driver could, therefore, approach the downgrade at a speed that is too high for the brakes to handle;
  • Failing to use runaway truck ramps: Most roadways with lengthy downgrades are equipped with exit ramps covered by sand or gravel that a runaway truck can use to avoid hitting other vehicles. Runaway truck ramps will not prevent a truck from losing braking power, but they can help prevent crashes;
  • Inadequate maintenance: Truck brakes must be inspected and serviced regularly to ensure that they are not worn out. Poorly maintained brakes can fail at any time; and
  • Fatigued or improperly trained drivers: A driver who is overly tired or who has not been properly trained may not realize the dangers associated with long downhill stretches. A driver is responsible for the safe operation of his or her truck at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

With Us, It’s Personal

Hoggatt Law Office, P.C. is a small firm, which means we are personally invested in every case we take, including yours. From the moment you call us, you become part of our family. Your priorities become our priorities, and your goals become our goals.

While physics may have played a role in causing your runaway truck accident, drivers and trucking companies have a responsibility to follow local, state, and federal regulations. Our skilled attorneys will investigate your accident to determine what may have led to the runaway truck, as well as the party or parties who may be held liable. Collecting compensation after a truck accident can be complicated, but we will work to ensure that your rights are protected every step of the way.

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