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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everyone in the United States, and protective measures have been put in place to slow the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, some people have been required to continue working in conditions where there is a high chance of infection. For example, a meatpacking plant in Greeley has seen one of the largest outbreaks of COVID-19 in Colorado, with hundreds of positive cases involving employees and multiple deaths. Workers in the healthcare field, such as doctors and nurses, have also experienced infections, and in many cases, this is due to shortages of personal protective equipment in hospitals and medical facilities.

If you have become infected by the coronavirus while working, or if you have contracted another occupational disease, you will want to be sure to protect your right to receive workers compensation benefits. At Hoggatt Law Office, P.C., we are ready to work with you to ensure that you receive the coverage you deserve to address your medical expenses and the loss of income you experience due to COVID-19.

What Should I Do if I Am Infected by Coronavirus?

If you believe that you have been exposed to coronavirus or became infected COVID-19 while working, you should take the following steps to protect your right to receive workers’ comp benefits:

  1. Notify your employer - As soon as possible after being exposed or infected, you should notify your manager, supervisor, or HR department in writing. File an accident report that clearly states that your coronavirus infection was the result of occupational exposure. If the employer will not create an accident report, emailing or texting your employer is sufficient documentation to prove that you made a timely report of your work-related exposure.
  2. Receive medical care - If your employer specifies a doctor or clinic where you should receive care, contact this provider by phone immediately. If your employer did not specify which medical clinic to attend, contact your local emergency room, an urgent care clinic, or your family doctor. Follow the provider’s instructions regarding visiting the medical facility and receiving care. This will create a paper trail consisting of medical records that show that you have contracted COVID-19 after a work-related exposure. Make sure when you speak with a medical provider over the phone that they are documenting the call in a medical report. You must have a medical report clearly stating that you believe you were exposed to coronavirus at work.
  3. Get tested - When receiving medical care, you should be sure to receive a test to confirm that you have in fact contracted COVID-19. If possible, you should receive a test the same day you report the exposure or infection to your employer. If you do not get a test, you may not be able to prove that you have coronavirus, so this is very critical.
  4. Obtain work restrictions - When receiving medical care, be sure the provider details the restrictions that apply regarding requirements to stay at home and how long you must wait before returning to work. This will help ensure that you can receive temporary disability benefits from workers’ compensation to address your loss of wages during this time.
  5. File a workers’ compensation claim - You should immediately file a Workers’ Claim for Compensation with the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation. Keep a copy for your records. Call the Division of Worker’s Compensation Customer Service Department at 303-318-8700 to confirm that they received the claim and for any assistance, you may need in filing the claim or asking questions.   
  6. Gather evidence - You will want to act quickly to preserve any evidence supporting your claim that you were infected due to occupational exposure. This may include email or text correspondence with your employer or coworkers regarding a heightened risk of exposure due to the lack of protective equipment or requirements to work in close proximity with others. You can also obtain witness statements from coworkers or other parties who observed the conditions in your workplace.
  7. Inform family members or friends - Be sure to keep others informed of all relevant events and information regarding your exposure, infection, treatment, and work restrictions. This will help protect your rights if you become incapacitated or are unable to communicate with an attorney or the Division of Workers’ Compensation.
  8. Take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 - You should be sure to follow the CDC’s guidelines to avoid infecting others and protect the safety of your community. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by the state of Colorado and your local municipality.
  9. Contact an Estate Planning Attorney – If you are concerned that you have not adequately protected your loved ones – or if you need to update a will or a medical power of attorney - you should immediately contact an estate planning attorney who can get you the documents that you and your family may need if you end up incapacitated in the hospital.

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If you have been exposed to the coronavirus while working, or if you have become infected with COVID-19, Hoggatt Law Office, P.C. can help you file a workers’ compensation claim and ensure that you are able to maintain financial stability during your recovery. Contact us today at 970-225-2190 or 1-800-664-3151 for a free consultation.

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