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How to Know You’ve Hired The Best Auto Accident Lawyer | Hoggatt Law Office - April 6, 2018

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, it can be difficult to find a good lawyer. Sometimes people sign up with an auto accident attorney who they think is good, but months down the road find themselves wondering if they are getting the best representation they could be. For the people wondering if they’ve […]

Injured at work? Five Steps To Take Immediately | Hoggatt Law Office - March 22, 2018

How you handle a work-related injury or illness from the beginning will substantially increase the likelihood that the insurance company will cover your claim, pay for your medical treatment, and compensate you for any lost wages. Many people have never been through something like this before and don’t realize they may be making critical errors […]

What to Do If You’re In a Car Accident | Hoggatt Law Office - March 21, 2018

The time immediately following a car crash can be hectic, frantic, and downright scary. It is not a situation that you have likely prepared for or, hopefully, been in before. While this is not a comprehensive list and should not take the place of common sense, it will hopefully provide you with some guidance on […]

Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer – Five Helpful Tips | Hoggatt Law Office - March 9, 2018

No matter how large or small, being in a car crash can be overwhelming, to say the least. Choosing the best personal injury lawyer after your car accident can be one of the most important, yet difficult, choices you’ll have to make during this process. You must decide if you need medical treatment and if […]

Seeking Medical Treatment After a Car Accident | Hoggatt Law Office -

When people come to us seeking car accident legal advice, one of the first questions we ask is, “when did you first seek medical treatment for your injuries?” We often meet potential clients who were injured in a car accident but waited several weeks before seeking medical treatment, which can be detrimental to a claim. […]

Types of Car Insurance Coverage – What do they mean? | Hoggatt Law Office - February 20, 2018

What do the different types of coverages offered by insurance companies actually mean? At the Hoggatt Law Office, we see people come in all the time who either don’t know what is covered under their type of car insurance, or have waived certain portions of their offered coverage not fully understanding what that is. We […]