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3 Ways to Recover After a Single-Car Accident in Fort Collins

Posted on in Car Accident

CO injury lawyerAfter a single-car accident, you may be wondering how you will handle all the expenses associated with the car crash. If another driver did not hit you, it may not be clear who you could seek compensation from and how you will recover damages. Depending on who or what caused your accident, it may still be possible to be compensated. Another person could have contributed to your accident, even if they did not directly crash into you. If you were hurt in a single-car accident that may have been caused by another’s negligence, it is best to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Proving this type of claim can sometimes be a challenge.

Who May I Have a Claim Against if Only My Vehicle Crashed?

There can be situations where a single-car accident is not only not the driver’s fault, but the fault of a third party. It is important to look into the circumstances of a single-car crash to determine who may be liable if someone other than the driver contributed to the accident. The driver of a lone crashed vehicle may still have a claim against another person in these situations:

  • Miss-and-run - A miss-and-run is similar to a hit-and-run. However, instead of hitting you, a miss-and-run driver forces you to crash without actually making contact. This commonly happens when one vehicle gets “run off the road” trying to avoid a negligent driver. These accidents often happen on the highway, where drivers may be changing lanes frequently and without looking.
  • Defective part - If your accident happened because a part of your vehicle malfunctioned, the manufacturer of the part could be liable under a products liability theory. Alternatively, if the part itself was fine but was not installed correctly, your mechanic or body shop could be to blame. If this is the case, a skilled investigation into the accident will need to take place in order to prove the mechanical failure.
  • Object in the road - Some single-car accidents happen because a driver was forced to swerve abruptly to avoid an object in the roadway. Sometimes this is the result of a storm and is no one’s fault. However, debris in the roadway could also have been left by a careless person, for example, if an unsecured item falls off a truck and is left in the street.

It may feel very unfair if you and only you suffered a car wreck because of another person’s carelessness. Fortunately, recovery may be possible depending on the circumstances. However, because proving the cause of this type of accident can be tricky, it is especially important that you work with an experienced lawyer.

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