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CO injury lawyerIt is well-documented that distracted driving is a significant contributor to road accidents. While texting while driving is widely recognized as a dangerous behavior and a cause of many distracted driving car accidents, other forms of distractions can divert a driver’s attention from the road, thereby increasing the risk of accidents. Today, we will explore some common sources of distracted driving that do not include texting. As always, if you have been injured in a distracted driving car accident, contact a personal injury attorney to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Talking on the Phone

Whether handheld or hands-free, using a mobile phone for voice calls can significantly distract drivers. Engaging in conversations diverts a driver’s cognitive focus from the road, impairing attention and reaction times. Research shows that even hands-free conversations can lead to

inattentiveness and reduce situational awareness, increasing the risk of accidents.


CO injury lawyerCar accidents can often result in severe injuries, with individuals relying on various safety features, including airbags, to minimize the impact. However, what happens when these safety measures fail, especially when an airbag malfunctions? Today, we will shed light on the possibility of having a valid personal injury claim if your car’s airbag malfunctioned and failed to deploy during an accident. If an unfortunate incident like this has occurred to you, do not hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer, as they will fight to protect your rights and interests moving forward in your case.

Understanding Airbag Malfunctions

Airbags are designed to deploy during accidents and protect occupants by cushioning their impact and reducing the risks of injuries. However, occasionally, airbags can malfunction, failing to deploy or deploying with excessive force, which may cause significant harm. Some common causes of airbag malfunctions include manufacturing defects, electrical issues, faulty sensors, or even inadequate warnings regarding deployment issues.

Establishing Liability

You must establish liability against the responsible party to have a valid personal injury claim. Depending on the circumstances leading to the malfunction, multiple parties may be held accountable, including the vehicle manufacturer, airbag manufacturer, or even the car dealership. Proving liability typically requires a thorough investigation, professional analysis, and gathering substantial evidence.


CO crash attorneyT-bone motor vehicle accidents, also known as side-impact collisions, can be incredibly dangerous, resulting in serious injuries or even fatalities. Understanding the primary causes behind these accidents is essential for implementing effective preventive measures. Today, we will explore the five leading causes contributing to T-bone accidents, shedding light on their legal implications. If you have been injured in a T-bone accident, contact a personal injury lawyer to see whether pursuing compensation related to the accident and the injuries you have suffered makes sense.

Failure to Yield at Intersections

One significant cause of T-bone accidents is the failure of a driver to yield the right-of-way at intersections. This can occur due to distracted or negligent driving, running red lights or stop signs, or misjudgment when turning left or right. Failure to yield can lead to devastating accidents where the front end of one vehicle collides with another, often resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. Drivers who fail to yield may be held legally liable for the resulting adverse consequences.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

Excessive speed and reckless driving significantly contribute to T-bone accidents. When drivers exceed safe speed limits or engage in aggressive behaviors, they have less control over their vehicles, increasing the risk of losing control during critical moments at intersections. These actions may include racing, tailgating, or running through yellow lights. Legal consequences for drivers involved in T-bone crashes caused by speeding and reckless driving can consist of citations, fines, license suspension, and civil lawsuits.


CO injury lawyerBicycling is a popular mode of transportation and recreation in Colorado, known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant cycling culture. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can happen, often resulting in significant injuries. Today, we will be delving into the most common injuries sustained in Colorado biking accidents, with a focus on legal considerations and the assistance available to injured individuals seeking compensation. If you have suffered an injury related to a bicycle accident, contact a personal injury lawyer today, as you may be eligible to receive compensation related to your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries

It is not uncommon for biking accidents to result in serious injuries for the rider. Among the most common are head and brain injuries, especially when the rider is not wearing a helmet. One of the most severe forms of head injuries is traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These can occur when a cyclist is involved in a collision with a vehicle, falls from their bicycle, or hits their head on the ground. These injuries can result in cognitive impairments, motor skill dysfunction, and long-term disabilities. It is crucial for cyclists to wear properly fitted helmets to protect against sustaining a TBI.

Bicycle accidents can also lead to spinal cord injuries, varying in severity from temporary to full paralysis. Injuries to the spinal cord can occur due to the abrupt impact of a collision or a fall from a bicycle. Like TBIs, spinal cord injuries often require a prolonged rehabilitation process, as well as ongoing support and care as the injured individual works to recover. Legal professionals are well adept at assisting injured individuals in determining liable parties and seeking compensation to cover future expenses like medical bills, future care, and loss of income.


Why Do Truck Tire Blowouts Occur?

Posted on in Car Accident

CO injury lawyerTruck tire blowouts are a critical issue in the transportation industry, posing risks to drivers, cargo, and other road users. Understanding the causes of these blowouts can help fleet operators, truckers, and legal professionals address the cause of these kinds of incidents. Today, we will discuss the primary reasons behind truck tire blowouts and how a personal injury attorney can assist you if such an accident ever affects you.

Here Are the Reasons Why Truck Tire Blowouts Happen

Tire blowouts are a major danger to all road users, regardless of whether they happen to a truck or a car. However, truck tire blowouts can be especially dangerous because of the sheer size of trucks compared to their smaller four-wheeled counterparts. Here are why truck tire blowouts happen, including:

  • Overloading and underinflation – When trucks carry excessive loads beyond their weight capacity, it puts excessive pressure on the tires, leading them to overheat and eventually burst. Similarly, underinflated tires increase the surface area in contact with the road, generating excessive heat, which weakens the tire structure and can result in blowouts.
  • Poor maintenance and damage – Neglected maintenance and damaged tires contribute significantly to blowout risk. Lack of regular inspections, tread monitoring, and proper repairs can lead to the deterioration of tire quality over time. Consequently, worn-out or damaged tires are more likely to fail, particularly on extended journeys or challenging road conditions.
  • Puncture and road hazards – Potholes, sharp objects, debris, and uneven surfaces can cause tire punctures, leading to devastating blowouts. Truck drivers must remain attentive and adopt defensive driving tactics to avoid potentially dangerous obstacles on the road, reducing the risk of tire failures.
  • Tire manufacturing defects – Such defects may include weak sidewalls, substandard materials, delamination, or other manufacturing errors. Tire manufacturers have a responsibility to produce reliable, high-quality products. Still, when they fail to do so, they can be held liable for any accidents or damage resulting from a blowout.

What to Do if Your Truck Has a Tire Blowout Accident and You Are Injured

As with any vehicular accident, call first responders to the scene immediately. The officers will document the accident through a police report detailing the circumstances surrounding the accident. Next, you will want to seek medical attention. Seeking medical attention is essential, especially if you are interested in filing a personal injury claim later. Documentation of your injury and the circumstances surrounding it will likely prove key evidence as you go through the personal injury claims process.

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