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Be Careful on Social Media While Your Car Crash Claim is Pending

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Larimer County car crash lawyerJust as nothing you post on the internet is ever really gone, nothing you post on the internet is ever really private. There is a saying - three people may keep a secret if two of them are dead. If you post something that you make visible to two people, you should assume that way more than two people could see it. While you are injured after a car accident, you may find yourself wanting to use social media even more than you usually do. You might be home from work and unable to do much physically, driving you toward digital entertainment. Plus, making a quick social media post can be a convenient way to keep your loved ones updated on how your recovery is going. However, a misstep on social media could derail your case. You should speak to your lawyer about what you should not do on social media while your case is pending. 

Tips for Cautious Social Media Use During an Open Case

There are a few guidelines that may help head off any potential social media-induced problems in your case. Tips include: 

  • Avoid injury details - It is best to avoid discussing the specifics of your injuries and subsequent recovery. Medical terms can be tricky, and there is always a risk that you will misunderstand, poorly explain, or misstate something your doctor or care provider told you. The defendant’s lawyer will pick up on any inconsistency. 

  • Keep up appearances - it is important not to post anything that could even remotely call your character for honesty into question. If you do, it can be used to undermine your testimony if your case goes to trial. You may be surprised at how even an innocuous-seeming post can be used for this purpose. 

  • No comment - If in doubt, it is best not to post anything about your car accident. Even posting something as simple as, “I was in a car accident. I am ok,” when you had any injury at all can open the door for the defendant to argue that you were not really as injured as you are claiming. Politely saying that you “felt bad for” the other driver can be intentionally misconstrued as an admission of fault. 

If you are ever uncertain about a post, it is best to talk to your lawyer before posting. 

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