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These Mistakes After a Car Crash Could Cost You

Posted on in Car Accident

larimer-county-car-accident-attorney.jpgWhat you do not do after a car accident is just as important as what you do. Taking the right steps is important, but so is avoiding the wrong steps. Doing the wrong thing after a negligent driver crashes into you could end up costing you. There are a few common mistakes that car accident attorneys see over and over again, all of which could potentially reduce the amount you can recover or even prevent you from winning your claim. Calling a lawyer immediately is never the wrong answer when you have been hurt in a crash. You may not be thinking clearly after being injured in such a sudden and potentially traumatic way. Insurance companies may take advantage of this by contacting you quickly, possibly while you are still recovering in the hospital. It is better to have legal counsel take over sooner rather than later. 

5 Actions You Should Never Take in the Aftermath of a Car Wreck

From the moment your vehicle comes to a stop, your course of action can affect your ability to recover complete compensation. A mistake could be very costly. If you were hurt in a car accident, make sure you do not: 

  • Apologize - If you are normally a polite person, your first instinct may be to apologize to the other driver regardless of whose fault the accident was. This can be a big mistake - your well-intentioned apology could be construed as you admitting fault. 

  • Push yourself - Some people will try to downplay their pain or injury and get right back to work or their other responsibilities. Not only do you risk exacerbating your injury if you do this, but you may also be giving the defendant “evidence” that your injury isn't as bad as it is. Take the time you need to rest and recover. 

  • Take a cash offer - If the other driver tries offering you cash to avoid going through insurance, just say no. There is no guarantee that the amount you are offered will come close to the amount you deserve. 

  • Talk to an insurance agent - The only thing you should say the first time the other party’s insurance company calls is, “please contact my attorney.” 

  • Wait to call a lawyer - Do not waste time trying to decide whether you need a lawyer for your car accident claim. The sooner an attorney can start investigating, the more evidence they may be able to preserve. 

Taking care to avoid these common errors can go a long way toward helping you receive the full amount you deserve. 

Contact a Larimer County Car Accident Attorney

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