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How Does Improperly Loaded Cargo Cause a Colorado Truck Accident?

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Larimer County personal injury attorney truck accident

Safely transporting semi-truck cargo can be a precarious balancing act, especially throughout the varied terrain of the Colorado Front Range. A truck driver must be skilled at maneuvering their vehicle’s large size and weight as they accelerate and decelerate, navigate turns and curves, and traverse inclines of varying grades. However, everyone who is involved with loading and unloading truck cargo also must take care to do so properly to make sure that the truck is ready for the road. When cargo is loaded or secured improperly, serious truck accidents can occur.

Accidents Involving Truck Cargo

In most cases, when a truck’s cargo contributes to an accident, it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Improper weight distribution - In some cases, the crew responsible for loading or unloading a truck fails to maintain an appropriate distribution of weight across the truck’s axles. A semi-truck that is front- or back-heavy, or one in which the cargo is disproportionately heavier on one side, is much more difficult to control even under ideal driving conditions. A driver may find it difficult to bring the truck to a stop when necessary or to keep it upright when turning or making adjustments.

  • Cargo shifts - In other cases, a truck may leave a loading facility with its cargo properly balanced, only for it to move and shift on the road with changes in speed or direction, throwing off the weight distribution. Often, this is because the cargo is improperly secured, blocked, or tied down. A sudden shift in balance can catch the truck driver off guard, causing the driver to lose control and potentially leading to a rollover accident.

  • Dropped cargo - Sometimes, unsecured cargo can completely fall off of a truck and onto the road. Heavy cargo can also land on top of other vehicles or obstruct their driving path. Some types of cargo can also make the road surface slippery or puncture the tires of a vehicle that drives over it.

Anyone who is injured in a truck accident that may involve imbalanced or unsecured cargo should work with an attorney to thoroughly investigate the crash and determine its cause. In such a case, the truck driver may not be the only negligent party. Loading and unloading crews may share liability, along with trucking companies that employ them and fail to enforce federal cargo securement regulations. With multiple negligent parties, injury victims may be able to secure a greater amount of compensation in either a settlement or a trial verdict.

Contact a Larimer County Truck Accident Attorney

Injuries from Colorado truck accidents are often severe, and victims deserve to be represented by an attorney who can help them achieve full compensation. At Hoggatt Law Office, P.C., we work to identify all possible sources of recovery and help you present strong evidence of negligence to support your claim. Contact a Fort Collins personal injury lawyer today at 970-225-2190 to schedule a free consultation.





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