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What Are the Causes of Runaway Truck Accidents in Colorado?

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Larimer County runaway truck accident attorney

Located only 35 miles from Fort Collins, the Rocky Mountains are one of Colorado’s natural treasures. Mountainous regions come with an extra set of advisories for motorists, and these are especially important for truck drivers because of high winds and steep declines. Typically, semi-trucks require a longer stopping distance when traveling on these elevated roadways. Inclement weather such as rain or snow can cause a trucker to lose control of his or her vehicle. However, runaway trucks are often the result of negligence from either the driver or the trucking company. When people are injured or killed because of negligence, then the responsible parties should be held liable for the truck accident.  

How Does Colorado Prepare for Runaway Trucks?

As an effort to help truck drivers in the event of a runaway truck, Colorado has 14 runaway truck ramps. If a truck is out of control, the driver may be able to maneuver the truck to this uphill, gravel-covered ramp to decelerate the vehicle. These ramps are not as commonly used as one would think, but they may prevent more serious accidents when they can be utilized. Runaway truck ramps have the sole purpose of giving truck drivers a way out if they lose control of their vehicles. But for professional truck drivers, how does this loss of control happen?

When a stretch of road changes, there are often signs alerting drivers that there is a bend in the road or a steep incline. In some areas, there may be suggested speed limits posted depending on the weight of the vehicle. Trucks in the United States can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, so it is important to pay attention to these warnings. A tall and heavy vehicle not only has a higher risk of flipping over, but it also has a higher risk of the brakes giving out. At a high enough speed, truck tires can reach 500 degrees, which can cause the brakes to malfunction, resulting in a runaway truck. Reckless driving and speeding while operating a truck can cause safety mechanisms to fail, leading to injuries or wrongful deaths for drivers or passengers in other vehicles. 

Truck accidents can be caused by negligent drivers, but they can also be caused by inexperienced drivers. In these cases, the trucking company may be found negligent for putting improperly trained employees on the road. A more seasoned driver knows the importance of following road signs, and they may be ready to negotiate mountainous terrain by preparing for their trip. A properly trained truck driver will also know to use the truck’s gears to properly and safely proceed down a hill without putting dangerous stress on the brakes. 

Contact a Larimer County Personal Injury Lawyer

When a truck speeds out of control down a mountain or a hill, anything in its path can be destroyed in an instant. If you have been involved in a runaway truck accident, contact an experienced Fort Collins truck accident attorney at Hoggatt Law Office, P.C. You may be entitled to financial relief if your crash was caused by the negligence of a driver or a company. We will fight to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve and need for your recovery. Call us today at 970-225-2190 to schedule your free consultation. 






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