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Common Distractions That Can Cause a Colorado Car Accident

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Larimer County distracted driving car accident lawyer

It may feel like there is not enough time in the day to focus on one task at a time, but operating a motor vehicle should be the only thing on a driver’s mind when he or she is behind the wheel. In Colorado, 43 accidents each day are caused by distracted driving. Although it only accounts for 13 percent of all accidents, distracted driving often causes serious injury or wrongful death. If a distracted driver causes a car accident, other parties involved may be eligible for compensation if they suffer injuries, property damage, or pain or suffering. 

Proving Negligence for Distracted Driving

A personal injury case is reliant on being able to prove that negligence was involved in an accident. Under Colorado law, contributory negligence plays a role in determining compensation. A defendant is only obligated to compensate the plaintiff for his or her proportion of fault. If the court determines the plaintiff's negligence is greater than the defendant’s, the plaintiff may not recover any damages at all. 

Driving while distracted is a form of negligence, and depending on the distraction, it may also be against the law. Some cases may be more difficult to prove than others in court, but some common distractions that can cause car crashes include:

  • Mobile phones: As technology advances, it gets harder to put down our phones or other small electronics. The most frequent distractions drivers face are cell phones. Although adults are allowed to be on a hands-free call while driving, texting or browsing the Web is illegal. Minors under 18 are not allowed any phone use while behind the wheel. Even glancing at a text message takes a driver's full attention away from the road, and a momentary distraction can cost someone his or her life. Data on a phone can easily be traced for timing, possibly proving the cause of an accident.
  • Multitasking: Doing more than one thing at once may make us feel productive, but the task of driving is likely to suffer when a person attempts to complete other actions while behind the wheel. Some drivers may not think twice about eating in the car, but doing so can take a person's full attention away from the road. Eating while driving also causes a driver to take one or both hands from the wheel, preventing them from being fully in control of their vehicle. Food may be too hot, which can shock the driver, causing him or her to let go of the wheel. Applying makeup while driving is also dangerous. A driver can accidentally poke him or herself in the eye and become temporarily impaired and therefore unable to see the road ahead. 
  • Other passengers in the car: Speaking to another person in the car or switching a radio station may feel natural while driving. However, these are still considered distractions, and they can cause an accident as easily as using a cell phone. A person in the passenger seat does not need the same level of concentration a driver does, and he or she may unknowingly distract a driver’s attention. 

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No one is perfect, but when distracted driving causes life-altering injuries or death, you and your family deserve compensation. If a distracted driver has negatively impacted your life, contact an experienced Larimer County car accident attorney. Our dedicated staff will review your case and find the best solution for your situation that will allow you to recover and return to work and everyday living. Call our office today at 970-225-2190 to schedule a free consultation. 







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