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5 Types of Evidence You May Need in Your Car Accident Case

Posted on in Car Accident

CO defense lawyerProving who was responsible for a car accident can be more difficult than it may seem. The simple fact that many people will lie to avoid liability for a crash they caused can easily complicate your case. When drivers and other vehicle occupants tell conflicting stories after an accident - which they often do - you will need to come up with some more concrete evidence showing what happened. There are a variety of types of evidence that can help you if this is the case. This is one of the reasons that time is of the essence when it comes to contacting an attorney after a car crash - they will want to collect evidence from the location of the accident as quickly as possible.

What Types of Proof Can Show Who Caused a Car Crash?

Unless your accident happened in the absolute middle of nowhere at midnight, odds are it was either caught on camera or there were witnesses. Even if this is not the case, physical evidence can still be used to show that the other driver was responsible. Your lawyer may use evidence like:

  • Witnesses - While eyewitnesses can be fallible, statements made by neutral third parties who just happened to see the crash happen can carry a lot of weight in disputed car accident claims. If the other driver falsely claims that he stopped at the stop sign before you did, but three other people will back up your version of events, this can help greatly.
  • Video footage - Between traffic cameras, security cameras in front of businesses, and video doorbells on residences, most of what happens in public happens on camera. It is often just a matter of locating nearby cameras and finding out who may have captured the crash.
  • Police report - The word of the police officers who respond to the crash can carry just as much weight - if not more - than the word of witnesses who actually saw the accident. Police officers are trained to assess the scene of a motor vehicle crash to determine what most likely happened.
  • Photographs - Anything from a picture of the crashed vehicles to a snapshot of tire tracks behind one vehicle can be helpful in demonstrating which vehicle’s driver was mainly responsible for the crash.
  • Medical evidence - Medical evidence of your injuries and how they could have been caused is often used in these cases. For example, if the other driver claims that he was only doing about 25 miles per hour but your injuries suggest a high-speed impact, this can poke holes in the responsible driver’s story.

An attorney will be able to help determine what evidence you need to prove your case.

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