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5 of the Most Common Back and Neck Injuries Seen in the Workplace

Posted on in Workplace Injury

CO injury lawyerWorkplace injuries can be sudden and catastrophic. In other cases, they can occur over a long period of time. Employees are subject to potentially serious damage to their bodies, specifically neck and back injuries. Employees should know what symptoms to look out for, and what professions are most susceptible to neck and back injuries.

The Most Common Types of Workplace Back and Neck Injuries

Work-related injuries can result in debilitating pain that makes completing regular actions an arduous task. Suffering a back or neck injury at work can lead to months spent rehabilitating and possibly even surgeries. These types of injuries are physically draining and can also have an impact on an individual emotionally and financially. Some of the most commonly seen back and neck injuries suffered on the job include:

  • Whiplash
  • Lumbar spine injuries
  • Herniated disc
  • Thoracic spine injuries

It is not uncommon for employees to sustain work-related injuries over time. When this is the case, it can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint the true cause of the injury. Employees should be aware of the symptoms often seen in someone who is experiencing a back or neck injury. Along with pain, there may be other symptoms, including:

  • Difficulty with balance
  • Reflexive spasms
  • Numbness
  • Loss of movement or weakness in an extremity
  • Difficulty breathing or walking normally

Professions that See Back and Neck Injuries Most Frequently

Certain professions are more susceptible to back and neck injuries than others. If you are struggling with an injury that you believe you may have sustained on the job, think about your job and your day-to-day work. Some of the susceptible professions include:

  • Construction workers - This job requires their employees to spend the majority of their days lifting, climbing, pulling, and pushing. They may also suffer injuries from the repetitive use of tools.
  • Nurses and other medical professionals -This job requires their employees to spend the majority of their days on their feet, often physically moving both equipment and patients. Certain procedures completed throughout the day may force them to work in uncomfortable positions.
  • Firefighters and other first responders - This job requires their employees to pull people out of burning buildings, climb ladders and flights of stairs, pull heavy hoses, and carry heavy loads.
  • Office employees -This job does not require their employees to physically assert themselves, however, sitting in a singular position for significant periods of time can severely affect a person’s spine health.

Contact Our Fort Collins Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing the initial symptoms of a back or neck injury from your job, document any efforts you make to attain medical attention. When workplace injuries are well documented, it is much more likely that the company’s workers’ compensation policy will be applied to the harm you sustained. Workers’ compensation may also be applicable in instances when negligence was the cause of your injuries.

Employees who have suffered serious injuries on the job, like neck and back injuries, should consider contacting an experienced Larimer County workers’ compensation lawyer. At Hoggatt Law Office, P.C., our lawyers can help you through the workers’ compensation process and fight for the benefits you need in order to move forward with your life. Call 970-225-2190 today to schedule a free consultation.





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