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Can You Get Workers’ Compensation for Job-Related Illnesses?

 Posted on November 17, 2023 in Workplace Injury

CO job injury lawyerEach year, there are 4.9 million workers’ compensation claims in both government and private industry occupations, with 2.8 million in the private sector alone. These claims cost employers $100.2 billion each year in insurance payouts.

While workers’ compensation is usually associated with a workplace injury, employees also qualify to receive workers’ compensation if they develop an illness from their job. 

If you have developed an illness as a result of your job, you need the representation of a Larimer County workers’ compensation attorney

What is Workers’ Compensation, and What Does it Cover?

Workers’ compensation is provided to you and paid on behalf of your employer. Colorado employers are required to carry workers’ compensation if they have one or more employees.

Workers’ compensation can provide coverage in two main situations:

  • Injuries that occur at work: These may be accident-related injuries or injuries that occur as a result of a work-related repetitive motion
  • Job-related illnesses: Includes illnesses that developed as a result of exposure to asbestos, allergens, asphalt fumes, or other toxic fumes.

If you were injured or fell ill as a result of your occupation, you must report the incident to your employer within four days. Employers must report your injury or illness to their insurer within ten days. 

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you have become ill due to an occupation-related disease, you will likely miss time from work and have accruing medical bills. These workers’ compensation benefits are explained below:

Wage Replacement

In Colorado, if you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation, you will receive two-thirds (2/3) of your average weekly wage (AWW) up to the maximum amount that is set by law.

The type of disability you have suffered will determine how your wage replacement is calculated. For example, if a worker is temporarily unable to work at all due to illness or injury, then that worker will receive temporary total disability benefits. For the fiscal year 2022-2023, the maximum temporary total disability that you can collect each week is $1,228.99.

No payment is made for the first three days of disability unless you miss at least two weeks of work.

Medical Benefits

Employees receiving workers’ compensation are eligible to have all reasonable medical costs covered. Medical expenses may include medical imaging, prescription costs, surgery, hospitalizations, physical therapy, and medical equipment, to name just a few.

Workers’ compensation will cover the cost of these medical services, with no expense for the employee. Medical benefits will last as long as the employee needs treatment for his or her condition.

If you are not receiving the full extent of medical benefits under your workers’ compensation insurance, speak with a Fort Collins workers’ compensation attorney today. 

Suffer an Illness from Your Job? Contact a Fort Collins, CO, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

An illness or disease can put you out of work for an extended period. If you acquired a job-related illness, you need the legal guidance of a Larimer County, CO, workers’ compensation attorney who can ensure that you are receiving all legal benefits. Contact Hoggatt Law Office, P.C. online or by calling 970-225-2190 to schedule your free consultation. 


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