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Safety Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado

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Larimer County motorcycle accident injury lawyerPeople young and old enjoy motorcycles. These riders are passionate about their bikes and the culture surrounding them. As with driving a car, every motorcyclist is a beginner at one point. The more educated new motorcycle drivers are, the safer they are on the road. Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable drivers during an accident, so following safety measures and advice from the beginning is critical. However, sometimes the reckless actions of other drivers can cause a collision with injuries.    

Colorado Motorcycle License

To legally operate a motorcycle in Colorado, a person must have the proper license. A motorcycle endorsement is an addition to a standard driver’s license. This special license can be obtained by visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles. To get a motorcycle endorsement, a driver must pass a written exam, purchase a permit, pass a skills test, and pay for a new license with the updated status. Alternately, a person may take a Motorcycle Operator Safety Training course instead, and then purchase a new license that is updated for motorcycle operation. 

Safety Precautions

For any new motorcyclist, hitting the road the first couple of times can be intimidating. Following the below tips that seasoned motorcycle riders abide by will increase a cyclist's safety and confidence: 

  • Wear the Proper Gear: Adults 18 years and older are not required to wear helmets while riding or driving a motorcycle in Colorado; however, everyone should consider doing so. Helmets are the best investment a motorcycle driver can make. Although a helmet may not completely prevent a head injury, the presence of one can be the difference between life and death. Other protective gear includes sturdy boots, gloves, and a reflective or leather jacket. Appropriate apparel can protect the skin in the event a driver is thrown from their bike and hits the pavement. 

  • Drive Defensively: Being alert at all times while on the road puts motorcyclists at an advantage. Defensive driving means anticipating the actions of other motorists in order to avoid accidents wherever possible. For motorcyclists, this may mean making sure that other drivers see you but also being prepared in case they do not. Cyclists cannot control the actions of others or the surrounding circumstances, but they can drive to the best of their abilities without distractions. This means not talking on the phone while riding and not operating a motorcycle while intoxicated.  

Contact a Fort Collins Personal Injury Attorney

A new motorcycle driver may be timid on the road, but that does not necessarily mean that he or she is at fault for an accident. Motorcyclists are the most likely to be seriously injured on the road even if they take necessary safety precautions. If you or someone you know was involved in a crash with another motorcycle or vehicle, contact an experienced Larimer County motorcycle accident attorney. At Hoggatt Law Office, P.C., we will help you hold a negligent driver liable for your injuries, ensuring that you will be able to receive compensation that addresses the damages you have suffered. Call our office today at 970-225-2190 to schedule your free consultation. 






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