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What Are the Most Common Workplace Injury Hazards in Colorado?

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Larimer County workplace accident injury compensation attorney

When a worker accepts a job, he or she should also understand any occupational hazards that come with that profession. For an office worker, that may mean carpal tunnel syndrome, but for a construction worker, the consequences can be more serious. Regardless of a person’s occupation, most employers in Colorado are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This type of insurance prevents employers from being held liable in the instance of a workplace accident, but it also provides benefits to any injured employees. 

What Benefits Are Included With Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a government program, and any eligible employee has the right to file for benefits. If a person is hurt and cannot return to work temporarily or permanently, he or she can file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation will replace lost wages for the time an employee is away and cover the costs of medical care for work-related injury or illness. 

Workplace accidents happen every day. The following are common occupational hazards that may be related to a workers’ comp case: 

  • Heights: Even a fall from a couple of feet up can cause a serious injury. When employees are working on rooftops of buildings, on scaffolding, or even operating a large machine or vehicle, they run the risk of falling. Falls are the most common workplace accident, and they typically happen when safety measures are not in place or are not being followed.

  • Chemical Exposure: Whether knowingly or not, employees can be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Exposure to a toxic substance once or twice may not cause harm, but continuous exposure to substances like lead or asbestos can cause lifetime illnesses. In some cases, chemical exposure can result in burns as well as internal damage to the lungs or nervous system. Depending on the circumstances, toxins in the workplace can cause a worker to suffer for the rest of his or her life. 

  • Electricity: During construction or industrial work, it is possible to be electrocuted. Electric shocks can happen when power lines are struck, a current is running through water, or equipment is misused. Electrocution can cause permanent scarring, paralysis, or brain trauma. Some of the ways to prevent work injuries with electricity include being mindful of the work environment and taking necessary safety precautions.

Contact a Larimer County Workplace Injury Lawyer

Regardless of whether an accident is the fault of an employee or employer, a worker is entitled to benefits, even if an occupational hazard is known. In some cases, a workplace injury can be devastating, requiring surgery or extensive rehab. If you have been hurt on the job, it is important to learn your options for seeking compensation. For skilled guidance during your workman’s comp claim process, contact an accomplished Fort Collins workers’ compensation attorney to make sure you receive financial relief for your medical bills and lost wages. Call Hoggatt Law Office, P.C. today at 970-225-2190 to schedule your free consultation. 






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